United States of America


Study in the USA

About the USA:

Study in the USA, the vibrant and dazzling place for every person in the world. When a student dreams about the studies, the first name came to mind is the USA, the progressive and the host of the large international student community in different states of the USA.

The USA offers a varied range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level with twice a year intake. Study in the USA gives the incentive of practical work with college and university courses to generate the best quality research and projects. Students who opt to study in the USA refer to lucrative jobs, privileges, and luxurious lifestyles.

The USA is mostly known for its easy to adopt work environment, experience to deal with colorful cultures and ideas. Thus, students prefer to study in the USA that helps international students to gain worldwide perspectives and career-oriented practical work.

Reasons to choose the USA:

Some are the reasons that students from all over the world choose to study in the USA. USA educational institutions are the top-ranked in the world. USA universities and colleges offer practical and field-based research and projects for students which enhance the learning and knowledge of students.

Study in the USA facilitates one of the finest opportunities to work with top-ranked companies and organizations. Students find the opportunity to work in the state-of-the-art labs and available free access to the library almost in every university in the USA.

Many universities in the USA provide the employment opportunities during studies to become a research associate and assistants and offers special projects to work with best minds in the university. USA issues two types of students’ visas that are F-1 student visas and M-1s student visas.  The USA also offers the students to sponsor their dependents and live in the USA.

Students allow working the on-campus job during studies. The USA also permits the students up to 20 hours of on-campus job. The USA also allows up to 40 hours of work a week for international students. The USA provides the opportunity to get a work permit after the successful completion of the studies. This is termed Optional practical training (OPT).


The USA is one of the best places to live and experience an exciting lifestyle. International Students in the USA find the two types of accommodation and mostly the University guide to search and arrange the accommodation of international students.

Most of the university has its own On-Campus residency or hostels for international students but also arrange and helps the students in seeking the Off-campus residency and flats for international studentsMedical and healthcare insurance is compulsory that covers the medical expenses, accidental expenses, and treatment in case of major disease. Insurance is renewed every year with the cost of $500 and $1000 Per year.

International students also can avail a variety of scholarships. The major scholarships are Fellowship scholarship, Graduate Assistantship, and Sports scholarship to promote the talented and hard-working students.Student life is like a roller coaster in the USA, international students experience the new culture, learn the new languages, ethics, norms, values, and visit the places that must excite the lifestyle of any student in the USA.

The USA provides the best and up-to-date facility of transportation for students and the public. You can easily move and use transportation systems for distant and nearby places. Transportation includes highspeed trains, taxi, cabs, buses, most of the students ride the bicycle to reach their campus.

Application requirements:

USA intake twice a year that is spring and autumn (September and January). The USA mostly requires its own language test, which is TOFEL, but it also accepts the IELTS. The band in both cases varies like TOFEL for graduate needs 90 scores, for undergraduate needs, TOFEL scores 80 or above. In the case of the IELTS band minimum requirement is 6 or above.  Other documents requirement varies from university-to-university criteria.