Study In Canada:

Study in Canada is distinguished recognized due to offering high-quality education and excellence in research work. Study in Canada is preferred because of the approachable professors and encouraging academic environment. The cultural diversity and dynamic classrooms show the attraction of the country to study in Canada. The destination in Canada for international students are Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga, Alberta, Calgary, and Vancouver for higher education. Canada hosts one of the highest-rank universities and colleges for learning and education.

Canada’s educational system supports the research base work and offers opportunities for international students. Canada is one of the countries that are always ready to welcome the bright minds of the world and provide opportunities to work for Canada’s economy. Canada mostly offers undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. degrees for international students which are recognized and accepted all over the world. Canadian government permits international students for immigration with studies.

Reason to choose Canada:

Canada proposes a variety of courses and programs from undergraduate to master’s Diploma to Ph.D. general and Ph.D. ASA. Canada is offering low-cost education system and provide the multiple career opportunity after degree for not only in Canada but all over the world.

For international students, Canada allows working on campus and off-campus according to standard working hours. Canada also provides the opportunity for students to work full-time on vacations. Canada offers the 2 years post-work visa after successfully completing the degree in Canada.

The most availing chance for international students is to take advantage of applying for a Canadian permanent residency visa for 3 years and this leads to the permanent citizen of Canada. International students also learn different languages as Canada is a bilingual country that is French and English.

International students interact with both language-speaking communities and discover the opportunities prevailing there. According to the United Nations survey report, Canada is ranked number 1 country according to study and living safety. Canada is also placed at the top according to life expectancy, easy access to education, and low crime rate indicators.Canada is the preferred destination for students’ due reason that on-campus security for international students is 24/7 basis under the slogan of “walk safe, stay safe”

The Canadian government provides vocational skill training programs on regular basis during courses and after completing the education for better employment. Canada’s education system is not centralized, and this system is under province, but scholarships offer from the side of central and provincial governments under the program of education access for everyone.

Homestays is famous in Canada as many Canadian families happy to accept the international students as pay in guest to their homes which is a reasonable and safe environment. Accommodation on campus and off-campus is very inexpensive and international students easily afford their living expenses in Canada.

Canada is known for its best healthcare system so insurance in terms of health care and medical treatment is easy to retrieve. The transportation system is unique and connects all over Canada. International students have managed the traveling easily and at a very low cost from residence to campus.Canada has unique visiting places during vacations. Canadian families and community are encouraged the international students to participate in local festivals and events and university

Application Process:

Study in Canada intake is twice a year, but major intake is fall and September every year. The intake majorly depends on universities and colleges.  Study in Canada the foremost requirement is proficiency in English. IELTS and TOEFL exams are mandatory for international students who are not from English native countries.

The band requirements for undergraduate and graduates courses are different. All you need is 6/6.5 for undergraduate courses admission and 6.5/7 for graduate courses admission. Alternatively, TOEFL is also submitted if international students do not go for IELTS.  All documents and applications are submitted according to university and visa requirements.