Study in Australia: -

Australia is the most attractive economy and destination for study. Australia is the least populated country with an abundance of opportunities for a career. Australia hosts multiple people who belong to different ethnicities, races, and religions.

International students offer a variety of courses even short courses for more and more enrollment and fulfill its shortage of human resources.  Australia is a land of natural sceneries and a modern lifestyle. International students gain an unforgettable memory to live and experience in different cultures. Australia ranks high in terms of education quality and low crime rates.

Reason to choose Australia:

Australia is a highly attractive and appealing destination for international students due to the inexpensive fee structure in colleges and universities. Australia has the world’s ranked universities and colleges. Institutions in Australia mostly prefer practical work in all fields which generates excellent graduates.

Australia is the one country from the whole world that introduce special law named ESOS act for international students that protect the rights of international students and ensure the safety of international students Graduate from Australia gains high opportunities in their career within Australia and around the globe.

Australian Universities are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments in the laboratories and free access to libraries for students. The check and balance on the education system is key to the quality of education and the Australian government issues a quality code for institutions after full verification.

Australia allows international students to obtain a work visa up to 2 years after completing their bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. successfully. Australia also offers part-time work up to 20 hours a week anywhere according to the feasibility of the students and full-time work up to 40 hours a week on vacations.

Australia is offering glamours and full pleasurable life with full facilities.

Australian universities provide special privileges to the students in the shape of students’ cards. This is turned to be a students’ discount card. Wherever students go, shops, buses, and subways always purchase discounted items and travel cheaply.

The public transport system is efficient and highly affordable for students in Australia. Subways and buses are common and link to every corner of the main destinations. Cab services are also available at a low cost. International students easily get jobs after landing in Australia. After completing graduation, 2 years post-study work visa or permit is allowed for international students.

Accommodation is available on campus and off-campus for international students. Flats, apartments, and pay-in guests are also popular forms of accommodation in Australia.

Application Procedure:

There are mostly two intakes in Australian universities and colleges.  Intakes are varied from university to university as February and July are the 2 intakes in few universities, January and September are the 2 intakes. For International students, six to seven months are required to process the application.

English proficiency test is required for admission, IELTS test with 6 bands is required for undergraduates and 6.5/7 is required for graduate programs.  If you want to study for a 3-month course in Australia a visitor student visa is issued. For study more than 3 months, the student visa is being issued by the Australian government. Good academic record students are also eligible for scholarships and high chances to get admission in Australia.