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Study Global (worldwide Education Adviser) in Faisalabad are working from several years our company is basically provide opportunities to those students who want to get higher education for fulfillment their dreams, we are serving in education sector from many years as a bridge between students and universities so as to help students select the best foreign institute according to their academic requirements. UK is one of those countries who are giving opportunities to students and the mission and goals of our company is to explore all available Undergraduate, Master and PhD programs for Pakistani students so they can study in UK. Study Global Faisalabad is registered through (SECP) and they have a strong link with many universities in UK so you don’t need to worry about your admission.

The world has changed a lot, but one thing has not. Our commitment to your education remains strong.  It is challenging to work by yourself, you will miss your classmates, you will miss your teachers, and you will miss your textbooks. But remember you are not alone. Study Global (worldwide Education Adviser) in Faisalabad are working in this industry from several years to gives Students best advices and we are dedicated to counseling students from Pakistan and other Countries looking for opportunities at overseas Universities. We have all the data of many well-known Universities and Institutes in the UK.
Adnan Ghafoor
Chief Executive


To help students to learn from best foreign Institutes so they can serve our country after completion of their degree better and give them equal opportunity and show them a path so they can get more and more knowledge and can share their ideas across borders to anywhere where others creatives and experts are recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age or


To give more and more information about How to apply for Study in UK and it depends you want to enroll in Undergraduate Master and PhD programs. There are for wide range of courses available for students in UK. Our Vision is to help a majority of students so if you have any question in your mind regarding Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs just contact us and consult with us and we assure you that we will give you all details in just a moment and will give you all the information because we are the best study in UK Consultants in town.


Adnan Ghafoor

Chief Executive

Razia Riaz

Branch Manager

Jabran Sohail

Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

Arslan Ghafoor

HR Manager

Muhammad Husnain

Digital Marketing Manager

Hunain Ashiq

Digital Marketing Officer

Faisal Dawood

Admission Manager

Tayyaba Khalid

Admission Officer

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